June 11th, 2017

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June 11th, 2017

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Good afternoon everyone, Its been a long while since I have posted here. Things have been busy! The Dusecraft server thats been running for the last few years was shutdown backed up and stored safely for a rainy day.. The Lord of the Rings server was also shutdown for the time being due to lack of resources.. But there is good news. My previous development work has expanded. I'm currently coding in a little bit of everything. Current project DuseBot employs Java, PHP, HTML, and MySql. Its been crazy! The DuseBot project started with a need for more options then Revlo (currently shutdown) system could offer me. Being as I had a will to tie a Minecraft server to a Twitch stream through use of points, and the clear lack of options from Revlo. I decided to set out on my own building the DuseBot System. He has a little help page over in the DuseBot forum if you wanna see a little about what he can do. Currently I am in the process of designing his web control panel... Besides constant work on my bot, I am also managing some Minecraft servers for people. Along with other smaller random projects.. Back to the point. The current Minecraft server located at mc.Dusecraft.com is a whitelisted server (if you want access join discord link at top of page) for the DuseBot system. Basically any viewer watching a 24/7 live stream server cam (Dusecraft on Twitch, Currently down because of datacap) can type a command to troll, aid, or even jail or kick players in game. And watch it happen LIVE. Pretty cool idea? This runs through the bot I am building. But this bot not only just has that channel. Any streamer that wants to use the system can let me know and I can send DuseBot to your channel and he will enable your viewers the same interaction with your stream! (as long as your are on the Dusecraft server).. Hes currently been tested with 3 live channels. People are not really lining up to test or try this out. Saddly.

-Lots of love friends,
Owner and operator of Dusecraft Gaming Community and the servers the community operates and maintains.

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