March 25th, 2017

Announcements not regarding any specific server. Or relating to the community as a whole.
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March 25th, 2017

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March 25th, 2017
For the last week I been testing out several different website setups. And came back to the one I had previous been using. Anyways I have wiped the boards clean and set them up a bit different from last time. There is still more stuff to be added, But what is here now is the basics. Over the coming days the forums will grow to include a Development category, A Twitch category, and a Empyrion GS category. Ill go through a quick rundown of what these will be about.

Development Category
Some of you may know I have begun meddling in Minecraft Plugins, And have a working release of a plugin for Revlo services.
I would like to expand my plugin endeavors to include Dusecraft only custom features and minigames.. This will take time and there will possible end up being a 3rd server just for plugin testing. Being as a production server cant really be restarted 20 times in a day to do plugin testing.. As this will be the primary purpose of this category, I will have a Plugin support forum for supporting plugins that are publicly released. As well as bug reports, and suggestions.. These will be broken down into sub forums as well to keep everything tidy.

Twitch Category
This category will be where I post my person stream related stuff as well as take criticism from you guys. There will be an announcement forum, as well as a place where you guys are allowed to post your own Twitch info.

Empyrion GS Category
Besides Minecraft servers, I do host a Empyrion Galactic Survival server. And so there should be forums for it as well.

Other then just these. The Minecraft forums will be expanding to include other forums as well.. But all this stuff will come in due time.. So onto the important things that you really want to actually read.

Current News
The Lord of the Rings modded server is coming along nicely! BudderB123 has been working very hard on it. I will talk him into writing up a little bit about it in the Announcement section over there.
The server status section is up and working! so you can see how many people are on and if the servers are up!

Closing Notes
I would like to just go out and say it. The Dusecraft community was once a great community of Minecraft players. I see in the logs that some of you have not forgotten about us. So if you are here reading this. Please try to gather some of the old members and at least get them to register here and keep up with whats going on. At the same time we would love to welcome new players!. Dusecraft Reborn is not a finished product, But she is operational and open to everyone. Over the next week I have plans to get some of the functionality fixed up and get it on more of a production level.

Thank you.
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